Virtual Physical Therapy Sessions

Pain doesn’t have to limit you from getting the care you need to get back to the activities you enjoy.

If you can’t come for an in-person visit, we can help you from the comfort of your home virtually!

Benefits of virtual physical therapy sessions:

Here's how it works:

For virtual physical therapy sessions, you will need:

What happens during the session:

We will discuss your ongoing progress, concerns and challenges like you would in the office. We are always reassessing to progress you towards your goals. No different than the in office sessions, we will spend the time to listen to YOUR needs and YOUR goals. Let us do the thinking, and we can start into your program.

For the hands on portion, we can teach you some of the simple self soft tissue methods to help with the “hands on” part to address the pain and tension in your tissues. Though some of specialized hands on techniques are tough to do to yourself and really require the in person touch depending on the condition.

The session is spent educating you and performing the exercise program specific for your needs. Education and exercise including strength training are the MOST SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN interventions that contribute to positive long term outcomes in ALL patient populations and ALL conditions (with the exception of when exercise is contraindicated).

We will prescribe movement based strength exercises specific to your goals. By the end of the session, you will have a clear understanding of what’s going on, what you will be working on at home, and how you will be progressing forward towards your goal!

The goal is to provide you with the most ESSENTIAL part of your treatment sessions: education, guidance, coaching, strengthening and most of all CONFIDENCE in your body’s ability to heal and be strong. These things will continue to push you toward reaching the goals that you have set without slipping backwards and losing progress.
You will leave your session with clarity as to what is going on, what the next steps are, and the confidence and certainty that you will reach YOUR goals!

"Virtual Physical Therapy sessions are a great alternative to in office visits for the BUSY, active, working adults who want to keep working out and playing the sports they love."