It has been a while, too long of a while, away from our blog.  Life like many of yours get filled with “busy”.  Busy living, busy tending to family, busy with work, just plain ole busy.  I will set out to be better about keep our blog updated with thoughts, injury insights, perhaps some product reviews (of which we have no affiliation) and anything that is physical therapy. 

My colleagues and I at CMPT are still going.  We continue to strive to provide the highest quality of care possible.  Many clients who have been to other PTs and then find us, see the difference.  I’ll reiterate what has been posted before: true one on one individualized care in a private room applying effective evidenced based hands on care.  Our model allows us to give you our full attention and pass along the knowledge to better understand your condition in real world terms.  I will guarantee that we won’t be too busy to address your questions or concerns.  We don’t want to treat the symptoms, we treat the problem.  Although we can’t fix a broken bone, we can address all the other issues the broken bone has caused. 

In the coming posts, I will share some insight to give perspective on what else could possibly be going on with the body as injuries occur among other interesting topics.  I will carve out a little time in my busy schedule to post.  If you are already an existing or former client, please feel free to pass along our information to friends and family to help them get to the source of their injuries.  We look forward to “getting (you) back in motion”.  New patients are always welcome!! 

Dr. Jamie So

Jamie So, PT, DPT, is the owner and physical therapist of Manual Therapy Effects.


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